Woman Beat The Heck Out Of Daycare Worker For Putting Hands On Her Child

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  • tiffany

    i would have fuck her up to no matter what her child did its never ok to hit someone child tell the mother or stop babysitting that child

  • Lolo

    Y'all so fucking stupid she deserves every name calling every lick she got

  • Jim

    Put that cow in jail. Assault and battery as well as racial hate crimes.

  • david

    Hey if the kid is anything like that disgusting nigger mom yeah she needed a lot more than being smacked fat gross niggers

  • kirk byers

    first off for all the dumb asses.. what did her kid do... hitting her may have not been good enough.... if my kid in being an ass like this mom was.. then a good slap is ok... this is just a low class black bitch... just trying to show her ass.. she keep coming back and back to show off... cops should be called. her ass in jail..

  • Im that bitch

    Shes a racist bitch her daughter is 13 and prolly just as ignorant as her racist mother and deserved slapped

  • Dani

    I 100% agree with her beating the shit out of this woman for hitting her child! I would have done the exact same. Thing if it were my child! BUT I do not agree with all the WHITE people comments because this is ONE person in ONE situation! The racist shit has to stop! I'm Italian and Sicilian so I'm considered Caucasian, but I consider myself mediterainian. I don't have a racist bone in my body! I would help anybody! I would feed u, give u shelter, do whatever for u regardless of your race, sexual orientation, religion etc. So the racism needs to stop! God don't like ugly! And I stand by my comment idgaf who like it! Take it how u wanna! Ain't no bitch in my blood!

  • Rhonda

    First off since she did hit somebody's kid she deserves it BUT to talk shit and say all white people no.I would kill anybody no matter their color if they hit my kid:100:.. I hate that people base petty shit on race. Grow up already.....we are all human and need to start acting like it and stop blaming everything on race...
    And now I think I would bring my daughter back to this woman and have her ass apologize to her and if she won't, I would beat that ass again. Just saying:wink:

  • Shakira

    She got what she deserved.

  • Fucking White People

    Let me just say, that bitch deserved to get her ass beat. But not all "fucking white people" is as dumb as she is. Nobody chooses the color of their skin.